Shadowcast is the story of a girl named Willow who, while running away from a gang of boys trying to jump her, wanders into an enchanted forest. There she finds a ring that she believes was lost by some cosplayers, but once she puts it on, the ring shrinks to her finger and she’s propelled into the world of Penumbra. She also finds herself caught up by Kuroi Han, a god who has been trapped inside the ring for eons.  Willow finds that she cannot remove the ring, and Kuroi, while he’s able to manifest himself once more, finds that he cannot venture away from her without being snatched back by the ring.  So thus their journey begins to find someone in Penumbra who can help them remove the ring from Willows finger and send her back to her home world, as well as free Kuroi. 

The Characters

These are just a few of the many characters you will become acquainted with. Stay tuned!